The Esprit Sequana

In a more and more frenetic world, where our lives are subjected to stress, to different fashions that come and go, the home represents peace and stability, the ultimate refuge to find oneself and recharge. The home of Sequana is one of warmth, comfort and colour. It is inspirational, a place of serenity and energy, harmony and well-being, for relaxed and elegant living,

Working with the most experienced craftsmen perpetuating tradition, collections of textiles, furniture, ceramics, glass and more have been created and presented in a typical Parisian apartment, the Sequana home.


The esprit Sequana is universal, timeless, authentic and is attractive to different mentalities. Sequana is a style,for ever evolving, in harmony with the times and is wide open for expression.


The Name

Sequana is the latin name for the river Seine in France. The name comes from a water goddess, a healer who protected the source of the river Seine in ancient France in Celtic times. She was a woman and represents for us harmony and well-being which is the spirit of Sequana.The name symbolises an entire universe based around the home, which Mary Shaw created in 1997 in Paris.

Colour with its influence, power and magic is at the heart of Sequana. Not just for its purely aesthetic aspect but the fondamental power it has on us, its sensuality and its capacity to create emotion ; intense palette of colours and textures, from unexpected alliances, tonalites, and subtilites to audacious contrasts from which a multitude of atmospheres can be created reflecting the personality of each and everyone.

The colour palette is then declined into a variety of textures, fabrics, ceramics, glass.

A Unique Identity

Two cultures, Celtic and Latin meet to create an environment which is very personal and unique. The original synthesis of Celtic and Irish themes finds its parallel in the double culture of its creator Mary Shaw  and which has been her influence and inspiration.

Nature with all its richness and colour is a constant inspiration and brings life into the home.




Mary Shaw

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